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The Fashion Industry is Full of Luddites, Says Data-Driven Lyst

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We wrote back at the start of the year that Big Data and mass personalization were going to be the newsmakers of this year and, by golly, we weren’t the only ones to feel that way. And nobody is surprised by that, right?


Diagnostic Reviews: Zeroing In on Quality Issues

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Your translation project is complete and the work is published or in the queue to go live any day now. What’s the point of paying a vendor to look over the translated content at this point in the process?

5 Reasons We Love WordPress and Why Any Language Lover Should

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WordPress, the superstar web content management system behind 20 percent of today’s web sites, has been published in version 4.0, nicknamed “Benny” for jazz great Benny Goodman. The latest release, led by Helen Hou-Sandí and backed by 275 contributors worldwide, includes among its newest features a simple language selector at installation, foregoing the previous need to manually upload installation files.

Hello Kitty Cat Like Person ... Or Translation Error?

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Hello Kitty

Back in 2003, a man turned to his wife and said, Do what you love. Simply take one of your hobbies, something you already enjoy doing, and see about earning a little money with it. At the time, his wife had a small collection of Hello Kitty items so when she asked — Hello Kitty? — he encouraged her.


Transcreation vs. Marketing Translation? How to Choose the Right Approach

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Highly branded marketing collateral and web content are designed to evoke specific reactions or emotions from the buyer. We know that what resonates with one market may flop with buyers in another culture or locale. Enterprises want localization companies to create messages appropriate for the new market, maintaining intent, style, voice, tone and context as much as possible.

Translation Tech Roundup, August 2014 Edition

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Do you have your secret decoder ring ready? Because reports from the security sector monitoring nefarious activities revealed that our beloved online tool, Google Translate, is up to far more than translating foreign travel menus. Not that we didn’t know that already!


Which Open Source eCommerce Solution Is Right for Multilingual Shops?

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With the announcement that Magento Go will be closing its doors in February 2015, eBay Inc. has declared that it will be focusing eCommerce superstar Magento on bigger fish, via both its enterprise and community editions. For some 10,000 small- to mid-size Magento Go users, however, this announcement means that important decisions are ahead regarding platform migration — no easy undertaking when eCommerce content management systems (CMS) vary so dramatically.


Top 6 Tips for Creating Locale-Specific Marketing Content

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Local Marketing Content

One of the biggest and most common mistakes companies make in marketing localization is simply translating marketing copy and expecting it to win new customers. Didn’t they just spend a small fortune researching the competition, documenting key buyer demographics, designing logos and carefully-worded taglines, and interviewing focus groups about the campaign materials? Why would anyone assume the same materials will be just as impactful in a new locale, just by translating the words?

What’s So Sexy About XLIFF 2.0?

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Earlier this month, OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee approved the XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) version 2.0 as an OASIS standard following several rounds of public reviews. XLIFF 2.0 replaces version XLIFF 1.2, which became an OASIS standard back in 2008.

This is a pretty big deal for the localization industry. While techies are likely already studying the new standard, we’ve developed a short backgrounder summarizing what every non-techie localization professional should know about this new standard and its potential implications for their localization processes.

When (and Why) to Spend More on Translation

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The debate in the translation and localization industry regarding the trifecta of price, quality, and speed of delivery continues to raise heat. Does this have to be the case? We all know how markets work: there’s buyers and sellers and … Okay, wait — maybe we really don't know how markets work but nonetheless we play along as if we do. And maybe that's because, despite all the formal studies, there is no tried and true way of predicting human behavior.

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