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Google Adds Language Translation Features to YouTube, Gmail, Search

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YouTube New Features

Google has again shown how far it is willing to go to bring its product suite to a global customer base. In public presentations and small, unannounced rollouts, the search giant has added more languages and more translation automation features to its most visible products.


Want Language Quality? Single Services May Not Be Enough

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There are many reasons why companies care about quality. In some industries — for example, life sciences — translation errors have life or death consequences. For some companies, such as those with sales based on strong brand loyalty, it’s important not just to be understood, but to sound like a native. For others, a translation that gives the general idea is good enough. Still others care about quality as a way of controlling costs: linguistic errors logged as bugs can cost money and time to resolve.

6 Reasons to Stop Preferential Changes from Ruining Your QA Process

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Preferential Changes?

Preferential changes are vexing gremlins, often confusing linguistic teams and disrupting the whole language QA process. On a typical language quality scorecard, there is not a category for "preferential" changes.

Moravia's 10 Hottest Blog Posts in Q2 2014

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Moravia's 10 Hottest Blog Posts in Q2 2014

We decided to look back at the most popular articles on the Moravia blog. Just this year, we've published some 75 articles, and the Moravia blog readership has grown by more than 40 percent. Thank you for reading, sharing, linking to and commenting upon our blog posts — that's what keeps us going!

Chasing the Myth of the Firm Price Quote

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Your boss tells you to get a “firm fixed quote” from your localization vendor. No change orders, no scope creep, no invoices exceeding the project quote by upwards of 10%, or he'll be hopping mad. 

Translation Tech Roundup, July 2014 Edition

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This month, we have translation tech news from mobile app pioneers to expanded translation services for government bureaucrats. There are also rumors — er, strong evidence — that Apple is hiring personnel to further localize iOS Siri's suite of languages. Check it all out below!


Three Lessons of LinkedIn's Approach to China

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LinkedIn Home

Just last week, LinkedIn announced the availability of its site in Traditional Chinese. This follows the much-publicized February release of its China-specific site in Simplified Chinese, — making the professional networking platform available in 23 languages in total, 8 of which are Asian.

Moravia Video Lite: Video Localization Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

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Decision Time

YouTube has become the launchpad of many a cat video, singer-songwriter career, and teen girl fashion wannabe, but it’s also where the world discovered its insatiable thirst for how-to videos.

I know that when I am trying to figure out how to use something or solve a problem, I am happy to watch a short video — much happier than if I had been forced to slog through a User Manual, looking for the 2 sentences I needed.  

M-health Is Here: Are Apple and Google the Medical Companies of the Future?

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Medical Apps

Just earlier this week in Santa Rosa, California, St. Joseph Health, a healthcare network serving residents in California, Texas, and New Mexico reported that they had suffered a catastrophic loss. The worst case scenario had happened: a small USB drive containing the backup of some 33,000 patient records — with specific personal data and services provided — was stolen from the locker of one of the company's personnel. The information was being migrated to another data system when the theft occurred, but brought readily to mind a different security breach, also with St. Joseph Health, that affected 38,000 patients in 2012.

What’s in a Word Rate?

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What’s in a Word Rate

If you thought a quick glance at the pricing section would help you plow through that stack of RFIs, think again. Unless you were extremely specific about what the per-word rate should include, you probably won’t have an “apples-to-apples” comparison on pricing alone — and you may wind up buying a translation service that doesn’t include everything you need.

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