A Peek Inside the Canadian Translation Bureau [Podcast]

Posted by Lee Densmer
on Wed, Aug 22, 2018 @ 11:45 AM

A Peek Inside the Canadian Translation Bureau [Podcast]

You may know that much of Canada is bilingual: English and French are the official languages. But did you know that in Canada everyone has the right to have federal materials in both? The Canadian Translation Bureau was established in 1932 and is now one of the world’s leading translation organizations.

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In this episode of Globally Speaking, Stéphan Déry, CEO of the Canadian Translation Bureau, spoke about how his department handles the great demand—up to 350 million words per year—for French and English translations.

Hosts Michael Stevens and Renato Beninatto talk with Stéphan about:

  • The history of the Translation Bureau
  • The resources required to handle massive amounts of translation and interpretation
  • What types of content are being translated (secret documents!)
  • How the Bureau measures quality
  • How Canada’s indigenous languages come into play
  • How machine translation will be used

To listen to the episode, click “play” in the player below. You can also listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play (USA or Canada), Stitcher, Podbean, via RSS or at www.globallyspeakingradio.com.

About Stéphan Déry

Stéphan is the CEO of the Canadian Translation Bureau, a federal institution within the Public Services and Procurement Canada Department that provides translation of all government materials into French or English. Stephan has been with the Bureau since 2017. 

Stephan Dery

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