Coming in April 2016 to the Monterey area, a new opportunity to use your native language skills!


  • We have part-time openings (up to 30 hrs/week) for talented individuals who speak another language besides English or Spanish at a native level of proficiency.
  • In this role, you’ll be working on projects from some of the most important companies in the world. Typical tasks include reviewing their products, websites, and providing feedback on their services.
  • THIS IS NOT TELESALES, COLD-CALLING, OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR ACTIVITY.  You will be reviewing products, services, and websites, taking note of mistakes and offering your opinions on potential improvements.
  • Computer skills (using a PC or Macintosh, understanding basic internet concepts, etc.) are obviously a bonus, but are not required for this role.
  • Some training will be provided, depending upon the project needs.
  • The amount of work and the type of work can vary; projects may last from a few days to several months in duration.
  • Working hours are flexible; daytime, evenings and weekends are all possible.  We ask that you be flexible as well.


  • The ideal candidate is a native speaker, born and raised abroad in some other country, who has spare time and can commit from 10 to 30 hours a week to earn additional income.
  • We can work with students, retirees, even people who have full-time jobs.  We merely ask that you be prepared to commit at least 10 hours a week.
  • Acceptable alternatives to being a native speaker include children or family members of such individuals in the United States, but who have been raised with another language as their daily household language.
  • We are also interested in a few exceptional non-native candidates who have several years of professional training in a foreign language, supplemented by extended working abroad, study or living abroad.
  • We have *multiple* openings and we will be looking for as many languages as we can find.


  • In this role, you’ll be working in downtown Monterey, walking distance to the Middlebury Institute, Defense Language Institute, and several local colleges.
  • You’ll be working in a professional office environment, complete with desks, computers, a break room, etc.
  • You’ll be close to the Monterey Transit Plaza and several bus lines for easy commuting.


  • We are beginning to collect information from candidates now, and start doing interviews within 30 days.
  • Interviews will be a mix of telephone and in-person discussions.  Candidates who pass the initial screening will be asked to take an in-person language proficiency test.
  • Actual work assignments would commence approximately April, 2016.

Interested candidates should contact us by completing the form on the right. Thank you!