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2017 Translation Industry Forecast: Part Two, Deux, Dos, Zwei, Èr [Podcast]

There’s Something Punny About Japan

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Two Big Tips for Writing Content for Translation

Moravia’s 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

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Text-to-Speech: Trendy Tech That's Surprisingly Everywhere

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Developers, Here's Why You Can't Wish Away Translation

Five Reasons to Outsource Non-core Business Functions

Canadian Potential: Québec and Beyond

What's in Store for the Translation Industry in 2017? [Podcast]

Survival Guide to Japanese Social Media

The Hike Growth Story: Going Local All the Way

Marketing in Canada: Officially Bilingual, Proudly Multicultural


Leveraging Comics for Your Marketing in Japan

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How Will the EU Produce the Next Google or Amazon?

Five Key Takeaways from State of Inbound 2016 for International Marketers

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Six Localization FAQs for Global Inbound Marketers

Why You Should Be Measuring Localization Data

What LSPs Say vs. Mean: Dedicated Team

What Does It Mean to Be Truly Global? [Podcast]

Changing the Localization Game with TAUS

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Marketing to the US: The Land of Opportunity (and Savvy and Demanding Customers)

Five Clues That Your “Agile” Localization Program Is Really Agile

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Join Us at TAUS for a Futuristic Panel on Machine Learning and Globalized Business

Das Handy? How Germany Wins, Fails at Mobile Marketing

What LSPs Say vs. Mean: SEO Localization

An Ecosystem for Language Professionals to Help Bridge the Gap

Rakuten’s Global Mindset: Should You Also “Englishnize”?

What LSPs Say vs. Mean: The Watering Down of “Localization”

What about Sales? [Podcast]

Why Inbound Marketing May Be a Tough Sell in Japan

Marketing to Vietnam: Tough But Rewarding

As Facebook Courts Africa, A Satellite Crashes in Florida

Follow the Money: How Payment and Money Transfer Companies Globalize

#WhyAreTheyHere? Language Sector Welcomes Amy Adams’ “Arrival” #Here4LanguageLove

When Translation Saves Lives: The Vision of Translators without Borders [Podcast]

Have You Heard about Google’s New Crowdsource App?

Are There High-Resolution and Low-Resolution Languages? [Deep Dive]

No Such Thing as a Global Tastebud: Five Successful Product Adaptations

Language as a Consumer Right in India? Yes, the Day Is Near [Deep Dive]

How Machines Help Milk English for What It’s Worth — Linguistically

Why Don’t Journalists Use Professional Translators? A Conversation with Lane Greene [Podcast]

10 Ways to Delight the Digital Traveler [Infographic]

Truly Global: The One Globalization Guidebook You Can’t Miss [Book Review]

Three Ways to Improve Training Content Localization

What Global Can Learn from Local

Chief Marketing Officers: Localization Is Your Friend

An In-Depth Unconference Report [Podcast]

15 Most Popular Moravia Blog Posts of All Time

Your Phone Is Now a Refugee's Phone

Social Media and Language: What They Do to Each Other

How Will AI Deal with Ai?

Language, Culture, and Translation: Six TED Talks to Inspire

Why Is Global Branding So Hard? And So Worth It? [Podcast]

The Nintendo Magic — Something Worth Waiting For

Long-Tail Language Localization for Africa: Not Meant to Be Easy or Given Up [Deep Dive]

A Small Feature Roll Out, A Big Leap for Facebook's AI

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Why You Shouldn't Be Trying These Translation Hacks

What CLOs Need to Know about Localization

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Crowdsourcing: Convenience or Confusion? [Podcast]

Do’s and Don’ts for Success on Chinese Social Media

Looking at Persado from the (Machine) Translation World

Internet Growth in 2016 More Tightly Tied to Translation

Localizing, Canva-style: What Can You Learn?

Speaking of Travel: Real-time Reservations are Driving Demand for Localized Content on a Global Scale [Podcast]

What Makes Chinese Social Media Different

Beware the Ninja: Exposing English Words in Japanese

The Six-Step Process for Selecting a Translation Management System (TMS)

Embracing Technology Japan Style

From Japanese to Pashto: Defending Monterey’s Claim as The Language Capital of the World [Podcast]

Farsi or Persian? 5 Things to Know about the Language That Unlocks Iran’s Market Potential

Forging a Relationship with Developers

Sad But True: Five Reasons Why Your Translation Memories Degrade

The Perils of English and Engrish

Can We Use Machine Learning to Predict Translation Demand?

Globally Speaking: Will I Have a Job Five Years from Now? [Podcast]

Trending Online Languages You Shouldn't Ignore

The Pivotal Role of English in Localization

How to Ask for a Larger Localization Budget

Linguistic Considerations When Localizing Brand or Product Names

The Fate of Linguists in the Age of Convergence

What Languages Do European Startups and Unicorns Target?

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Style Guides

How Content and Quality Affect Translation Memory Use

What Every CEO Needs to Know about Localization

Not Lost in Translation: Impressions from LocWorld30 in Tokyo

Five Situations When Translation Memory Stops Being Your Best Friend

Five Common Traits of Programs at Localization Maturity Level 4

WordPress Translation Day Is Here, Go Translate!

My First Year as Project Manager at Moravia: or Why I Fell in Love with Localization

Tucker’s 4-Part Communication Model, As Applied to Localization

7 Linguistic Quality Pain Points and How to Fix Them

India Gets Serious about Mobile Phone Localization

Behind the Scenes at MultiLingual

An Unsolicited Localization Proposal for Francis J. Underwood

10 Steps for Getting Marketing Localization Right

3 Key CCMS Shortcomings Related to Localization — And How to Combat Them

I Hate Charging Rush Fees, But Here’s Why I Have to

Why Moravia Organizes Linguistic Partner Summits

What's Behind the Rising Appeal of CCMS?

6 Things You Need to Know about Legal Translation

How to Make Your Brand “Big in Japan”

Pre-Sales Content Localization Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Clearing Up the Top 7 Myths about Engaging Local Communities

Always Start with Why: 6 Reasons for Entering a New Market

How to Assess the Localization Potential of Your Website [Deep Dive]

How to Achieve Continuous Publishing and Localization

The Pulse of the Language Industry: Introducing Slator

Why and How to Conduct a Cultural Audit of Your Content

Going Dutch: 5 Key Facts about Localization into Dutch

Dedicated Translators vs. Resource Pool: How Do You Choose?

How Moravia Got Certified to ISO 17100

Just Because It’s Spanish Doesn’t Make It Right for Latin America

How to Measure and Analyze Local Consumer Sentiments

Learning Spanish? Avoid These Common Errors!

What Happens When You Don't Have a Localization Strategy

Top Blog Posts from 2015

Moravia's Got Talent: Watch, and We'll Donate to Translators without Borders

Translation Trends to Watch Out for in 2016

More Languages, Same Budget? Seven Things You Can Do

Why and How to Collect Multilingual End-User Feedback

5 Ways CLOs Can Make Training Relevant to Global Staff

As the World Turns: Implementing Follow-the-Sun Localization

5 Lessons from High-Tech Companies’ Playbook Every Industry Can Take

7 Questions to Assess a Localization Program Quote [Deep Dive]

Which Live Chat App to Use on Multilingual Sites

10 Thanksgiving Celebrations Worldwide

What Startups Can Learn about Localization from Global Brands

Twitter Accounts to Follow for Localization and Translation Buzz

Next Steps for Marriott's Global Strategy (And What You Should Do, Too)

4 Ways to Approach Learning a Foreign Language

The Case for Localization as a Shared Service

The Why and How of Product Design Localization

Not All U.S. Spanish Speakers Speak the Same Language

Using Technology to Save Endangered Languages and Cultures [Deep Dive]

9 Insights You'll Gain from a Good MT Pilot

Less is More: Transitioning to a Consolidated Vendor Model

7 Localization Lessons from Asia’s E-commerce Giants [Deep Dive]

Best Practices for Multilingual Reviews on Travel Websites

Why Moravia Doesn't Invest in Translation Proxy

When Less is More: A 5-Step Approach to Vendor Consolidation

Which Comes First? Prioritizing Content Types for Localization

14 Varieties of Translator Credentials Explained

When Less is More: 6 Reasons to Consolidate Localization Vendors

When Good CAT Tools Go Bad: Automated Checks That Don’t Add Value

Stave Off Autumn Blues with Moravia’s Hottest Summer Blog Posts

5 Language Review Pitfalls to Avoid with Local In-House Teams

The Smart Guide to Selecting Languages for Localization

How Spanglish Translates in Spanish Markets

Why Construction Projects Demand Translation

200 Languages, 1 Day — A Continent-Wide Celebration

LSP Who’s Who: Localization Specialists Driving Global Program Scale

Local is Global: Retail Takeaways from Uniqlo’s Re-Tailored Global Brand

LSP Who’s Who: Localization Roles Supporting Complex Programs

#FAIL: How to Avoid Overbuying Localization Technology

Why Translation Is Crucial to Global Inbound Marketing

10 Steps to Manage Global Brand and Voice With a Localized Style Guide

LSP Who’s Who: Meet Your Localization Vendor’s Core Team

Intimate Outsourcing: Creating In-House Intimacy with an Outsource Partner

Intimate Outsourcing: 5 Ways Outsourced Translation Beats In-House

How to Find Intelligence on the Competition and Rank Your Global Reach

Latin America's $860 Billion "Internet of Things" Market Opportunity

Mandarin Or Cantonese? The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Hong Kong

Get Stylized: Control Global Brand Voice with Translation Style Guides

#FAIL: 5 Usability Issues That Drive Down ROI in Website Localization

6 Brazilian Portuguese Words That Do Not Translate in Portugal

#FAIL: It’s Not the Website Translation, It’s the Marketing

The 3 Critical Stages of After-Sales Customer Support

5 Ways to Evaluate Voice Talent for Multimedia and Video Localization

Oh, The Places You'll Go: Transcreation Lessons From Dr. Seuss

Why We Emoji — Conquering the Digital World, One Smiley at a Time

Companies, Are You Losing Money from Poor After-Sales Support?

How to Centralize Your Localization Program in 7 Steps

6 Portuguese Phrases that You Should Memorize for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

Voice Lessons: How to Strengthen Your Global Brand Voice

Internet Trends 2015 Report: Translation Remains a Must for Global Business

Teamwork in the Tour de France: 5 French Terms Your Team Should Know (and Remember All Year Round)

Are Your Out-of-Date TMs Compromising Your Localization Effort?

Summer Reading: Moravia’s Most Popular Blog Posts

After Earthquake Shakes Already Fragile Nepal, One Language Team Gives Back

The Power of Google Translate — from the Stage to the Maternity Ward

How to Evaluate Transcreation Effectiveness

How to Clean Up Your Translation Memories [Step-by-Step Guide]

5 Ways to Activate Your Community to Improve Your Terminology

3 Rules for Social Media Marketing, as told by Global Brands at #Engage2015

Keyboard Killer? Google Makes Hunt-and-Peck Obsolete with Handwriting Input App

In Digital Games for Social Change, Translation Is Not Enough

Google, Microsoft, Facebook Fight to Preserve Ethnic Languages

3 U.S. Hispanic Ad Campaigns That We Just Love

Is Skype Translator a Threat to the Translation and Interpreting Sector?

8 Features of Terminology Management Systems We Really Love

How to Get Your Boss to Prioritize Localization Investments

4 Goals of Successful Localization in Travel and Hospitality (And How to Measure Them)

Localization Metrics 201: Moving Beyond the Basics for Optimization

How to Screen Transcreation and Marketing Translation Specialists

Translation Tech Roundup, May 2015 Edition

3 Reasons Companies Fail at Agile Localization

How to Create an Effective Localization Dashboard

Mobile Retail Data Shows Alibaba, China Lead the Way

Avoiding Mobilegeddon on Your Localized Sites

8 Steps to Solve Language Quality Issues Within Your Existing Budget

Localization Metrics 101: A Crash Course in the Basics

5 Ways Anonymous Crowds Threaten Crowdsourced Translation Projects

3 Critical KPI Lessons from All Your Business Data

10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Multi-Vendor Localization Model

4 Global Adventures to Celebrate Earth Day Without Leaving Your Desk

Creating Localization Best Practices (And 8 Resources We Really Love)

3 Ways to Prepare Your Language Services for the Internet of Things

7 Golden Rules for Creating Great Multilingual E-Commerce Sites

How (Not) to Use Ariba in Localization Procurement

What You’re Reading: Moravia’s Top Blog Posts So Far in 2015

Which Localization Model Is the Best Choice for Translation Quality?

April Fools' Day Around the World

5 Partner Concerns for the "Amazing Race" of Long-Tail Localization

Translation Technology Roundup, March/April 2015 Edition

Why You Might Need Help Selecting a TMS

How Your Localization Model Influences the Translation Technology Choices

MSEO: Why Glossary Terms Don’t Work For Keyword Localization

Multilingual SEO Face-Off: How Nike & Adidas Got It Right and Wrong

For Security-Minded Clients, Using Multiple Localization Vendors May Be Too Risky

Creating Touchpoints: 5 Ways to Activate Brand Ambassadors

Twitter: Our Man in Hong Kong Will Win Us China

BiDi 101: Cultural Tips for Targeting Bidirectional Markets

In Translation from German to Chinese, Will Barbie Become Queen of the Makeover?

Patent Translate and a Unitary Patent Will Reduce IP Translation Burden in the EU

5 Ways to Improve Your Knowledge Base for Better Global Support

Save Your Voice: 10 Brand-Preserving Steps in Multilingual Marketing

Now That LinkedIn Speaks Arabic, What Can We Expect?

BiDi 101: Through the Looking Glass with Bidirectional UI Support

5 Goals and 4 Entry Points for Global, Social Community Moderation

How (Not) to Build a Localization Platform (Part 3)

For Gamers, By Gamers: Game Localization Experts Sound Off On What Matters #GDC15

How to Awaken Your Inner Ninja in Translation Project Management

Are Localization Technology Investments Impeding Your Future Growth?

Why the First 25 Years of Moravia Were Just a Great Beginning

Machine Translation Pre-Editing To Boost Output Quality

House of Cards Goes to Cuba! But Will Netflix Have to Leave Localization Behind?

BiDi 101: Bidirectional Script Traits That Vex Localization Pros

Word Lens Integration Into Google Translate Complete, Result Is Awesome

Translation Technology Roundup, February 2015 Edition

3 Globalization Lessons from Facebook’s Global Economic Impact Report

The Top Requirements of ANY Cloud-Based Translation Management System

BiDi 101: A Bidirectional Language Crash Course for Globalization Pros

Machine Translation Post-Editing Is Not As Important As You Think

Moravia’s Top 11 Educational Page-Turners from 2014

Bringing Home the Gold With Localization Centralization

14 Must Dos for Successful Global Social Media Campaigns

Translation Technology Is Not the Solution ... At Least Not Always

Localization Trends: Moravia’s 11 Hottest Blog Posts of 2014

Ten Career-Stifling Blunders of Translation Rookies

5 Keys to Localization ROI

Best Practices in Translation & Localization Program Management

The 3 Absolutes for Multilingual SEO Success

Translation Style Isn't Unique, And That's A Good Thing!

Top 5 Symptoms of Language Quality Problems

Translation Technology Roundup, January 2015 Edition

Your Clients Don't Own Localization Linguistic Quality, You Do

Translation Strategy: 5 Ways Outsourcing Trumps Insourcing

22 Million Words Later — Translators without Borders Builds for the Future

World’s Best Commercials of 2014 Prove We All Love A Good Cry

Translation / Localization Industry Forecast 2015

Rising Stars: 6 Crucial Qualities of Successful Localization Vendors

How Continuous Publishing Is Changing Localization

8 Frequent Misconceptions about Translation

5 Best Practices of Rising Stars Poised for Explosive Global Growth

Translation Memories: Should You Hold Them or Trash Them?

Video Localization: How Do I Save Costs With Minimal Impact to Quality?

Translation Technology Roundup, December 2014 Edition

Marketing Localization: 5 Tips to Create Local Identity for Your Brand

Rising Stars: 9 Traits of Highly Effective Globalization Managers

How (Not) to Build a Localization Platform (Part 2)

The Skeptic's Guide to Reading Speech-to-Speech Translation News

Why Linguistic Quality Assurance Hurts and What To Do About It

Create Your Own Localization Key Performance Indicators

Spain Loses Latest Round in EU Patent Translation Fight

3 Absolutes Driving Successful Translation & Localization Strategy

3 Critical Decisions for Start-Ups Entering Foreign Markets

Amazon Challenges Alibaba for Singles' Day Sales

7 Steps to Transform Your Global Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Translation Technology Roundup, November 2014 Edition

How (Not) to Build a Localization Platform (Part 1)

Double Your Localization Revenue? Nope, Not Without This ...

How to Spend One Million Dollars on Localization

Localization Lessons for Emerging Markets

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Chinese. YAWN!

Localization Metrics? It's About Time.

Language Quality Assurance: Smart versus Not-So-Smart Actions

Fishing for Talent: How to Find Great Localization PMs

How to Make Sure You're Not Paying Too Much for Video Localization

Confused? Don’t Be! Quality Assurance, Control and Improvement Explained

3 New Priorities in Multilingual Global Brand Marketing

Translation & Language Technology News Roundup, October 2014 Edition

In Marketing, You Don't “Go Global” Without Going Local

Don't Miss Out! Catch Up on Last Quarter's Most Popular Content

Proprietary Translation Technology Is Crippling Localization Buyers

What's Missing When We Talk About Global Brand Marketing

How to Set Up a Linguistic Feedback Loop That Actually Works

We Have to Talk About Translation Procurement ...

We Simply Do Not Need Localization Any More!

The Fashion Industry is Full of Luddites, Says Data-Driven Lyst

5 Reasons We Love WordPress and Why Any Language Lover Should

Hello Kitty Cat Like Person ... Or Translation Error?

Diagnostic Reviews: Zeroing In on Quality Issues

Transcreation vs. Marketing Translation? How to Choose the Right Approach

Translation Tech Roundup, August 2014 Edition

Which Open Source eCommerce Solution Is Right for Multilingual Shops?

Top 6 Tips for Creating Locale-Specific Marketing Content

What’s So Sexy About XLIFF 2.0?

When (and Why) to Spend More on Translation

Do You Need to Customize Content from US to UK English? Starbucks Says Yes

Will Machine Translation Be the Terminator of Human Translators?

The Right Way to Write for Google Translate

Light and Full MT Post-Editing Explained

3 Absolutely Absurd "Truths" About Viral Content Marketing

A Translator and Google Translate Walk into a Bar

ISO 17100: 10 Questions about the New Translation Services Standard, Answered

How to Translate ANYTHING

3 Clues That Your Brand Is a Translation Capital-L Loser

"She Speaks Your Language" Isn't Good Enough for Translation Quality

3 Reasons Why Japanese Localization Is ... Different

Bill Gates, Photocopiers, & How Content Creation Can Be Good for You

Renato Beninatto: Why I Love Localization

How to Outsource Language Quality Assurance

Why (and When) You Should Translate Your Company's Website

What Standards Govern Medical Device Translation in the EU?

Onboarding: 10 Steps to Take When Starting a New Localization Program

Airbnb and the Success Case for Translation Crowdsourcing

Google Adds Language Translation Features to YouTube, Gmail, Search

Want Language Quality? Single Services May Not Be Enough

6 Reasons to Stop Preferential Changes from Ruining Your QA Process

Moravia's 10 Hottest Blog Posts in Q2 2014

Chasing the Myth of the Firm Price Quote

Translation Tech Roundup, July 2014 Edition

Three Lessons of LinkedIn's Approach to China

Moravia Video Lite: Video Localization Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

M-health Is Here: Are Apple and Google the Medical Companies of the Future?

What’s in a Word Rate?

Translation Tech Roundup, June 2014 Edition

Motivational Monday: The Art of Translating What Needs No Translation

4 Reasons Why LSPs May Charge a Rush Fee

Networking Event Sponsorship: An Act of Self-Interest

In Real-Time Voice Translation, Will Microsoft's Skype Be the Winner?

6 Questions You Should Always Ask in a Localization RFI

Despite China, Twitter Translation Strategy Pays Off in Asia

Translation Superheroes or Supervillains? 4 Translator Types To Watch Out For

Will Netflix's European Push Bring an End to Film Dubbing?

Google Buys Quest Visual, Word Lens Visual Translation App Now Free

Localization for the U.S. Market: 4 Things to Consider

How to Defend Your Business Against Copycat Products

Is Google Translate's Text-to-Speech Good Enough for Business Video?

5 Things to Know About Creating a Multilingual Glossary [Cliff Notes]

Translation Tech Roundup, May 2014 Edition

Is Mass Personalization the Future of Marketing?

These 3 Cases Show Why You Should Hire a Subject Matter Expert

6 Ways to Set Up Linguistic Testing of Localized Builds [Cliff Notes]

For Global Businesses, Content Curation is Local

Motivational Monday: Lessons from the Time We Lost Our Way

What You Need to Know About Linguistic Testing [Cliff Notes]

Rainbow Unicorns & the 5 Top Challenges of Global Staffing

Going International? Your Business Needs Subject Matter Experts!

What You Need to Know About Localization Testing [Cliff Notes]

Tech Talk: Proxy-Based Website Translation

Is the Internet to Blame for Language Death?

Translation Tech - April 2014 Edition

Top 10 Blog Posts So Far This Year

What You Need to Know About Functional Testing [Cliff Notes]

Translation Curation: Brand Marketing for China

Interpreting & Translation Apps: the Future of Multilingual Medicine?

Motivational Monday: Leaders Are Born That Way? Not So Fast ...

What You Need to Know About Multilingual DTP [Cliff Notes]

Who's Who at the Localization Summit — Game Developers Conference #GDC14 #GameDev

Motivational Monday: Personal Engine Optimization

Should My Company Bother With Content Curation?

In-Country SMEs Are Rainbow Unicorns

Motivational Monday: 3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals

Translation Tech Roundup, March 2014 Edition

Why and Where You Need Content Curation

9 Ways to Make the Best of Your Global Online Conference Calls

Motivational Monday: Brainstorming for One

These Tweets from Mobile World Congress 2014 Made Us LOL #mwc14

Jeff Steele on What Are the Keys to a Successful Managed Service?

6 Weird Sports Competitions That May Never See Olympic Gold

WhatsApp: Key Facts on Acquisition and Localization (Global Mobile)

Online Translation Portals: What's In It For You?

Microblogging: Do Twitter and Weibo Deliver Off-Page SEO Value for Global Brands?

Motivational Monday: Disciplinary Action

Why Translation Is Love

Internationalization (i18n): 4 Services You Should Consider [Cliff Notes]

Berlin's Silicon Valley Innovation Owes a Debt to an Older Germany

How to Hire the Right Translator

Motivational Monday: The Persistence Payoff

Translation Tech - February 2014 Edition

YouTube Alternatives in Asia for Off-Page SEO

On Multilingual Translation It's America the Beautiful...and the Ugly

Motivational Monday: Take the Right Train!

My Boss Says I'm Spending Too Much on Translation!

Video Localization: Should You Do Voiceovers or Subtitles?

Will the EU's Translation Deal with Google Save Lives?

Localization Buzzwords: Vapid or Valid?

Motivational Monday: Trying to learn German is a joke ...

Did Obamacare Just Flunk Its Spanish Test?

Google Translate sucks (and other lies we tell ourselves)

How InDesign Won Against QuarkXPress is a Lesson for Us All

Assessment of Web Localization for Arabic Market

Your Top 3 Multilingual Marketing Priorities Are ...

Motivational Monday: Putting Happiness to Work

Translation / Localization Industry Forecast 2014

What Color is YOUR Santa?

"Purfekt" Translations in 3 Not-So-Easy Steps

Motivational Monday: New Year's Resolutions? Why Not!

What a Wonderful Way to Help: Watch and We'll Donate to Translators without Borders

Was Obamacare's Spanish-Language Website Really Even Necessary?

Put Language Learning Under the Christmas Tree!

Translation Tech Roundup, December 2013 Edition

Google AdWords for China? Nope! Know Your PPC Alternatives ...

Motivational Monday: Sometimes, You Have to Just Go with the Gravy

4 Possible Disadvantages to Cloud-Based TMS Systems

Test Translations: Friend or Foe?

Facebook Pages for Off-Page Multilingual SEO Success

Multilingual SEO: Off-Page SEO Success Starts With Top Level Domains

Translation Aid for the Philippines: What You Can Do

Australia and the Quest for a New Healthcare Translation Standard, Part Two

My Customer Service Manifesto (or Why I Am Leaving Your Brand)

How the Man Booker Prize Plans to Conquer the Literary World ... And Fails?

Motivational Monday: Pick Yourself Up

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Localization Project Managers

Australia and the Quest for a New Healthcare Translation Standard, Part One

You Have the Right to Remain Silent ... Or At Least to an Interpreter

Motivational Monday: Dare To Not Be Different

Review Gone Out of Control? Focus Your In-Country Reviewers

Chinese History in Translation: From Voice to the Printed Word

SEO Experts Are WRONG on Meta Keywords, Descriptions

The Fine Chinese Art of Global Brand Translation

Why You Finally Need to Hire a Professional Translation Company

Mobile Apps and the Fight for Language Diversity: Nigerian Edition

4 Ideas That Grabbed Me at Localization World Silicon Valley

Motivational Monday: So You Want to Be A Writer ...

Translation Tech Roundup — October Edition

Not Going to Localization World? No Problem! Watch This Space

Motivational Monday: Mission Forming and Storming

Designing the Customer Experience Through Personalization

Multilingual SEO: The Keyword Translation Trap

Motivational Monday: On the Other Side of Failure

Common Mistakes in Multilingual SEO ... and How to Avoid Them

Why We Don't Mind Being Copied

Top 3 Buyer-Side Reasons for Poor Linguistic Quality

Motivational Monday: On Hard Work and Accidents

Google Translate 2.0 for Apple iOS 7 Delivers More Languages, Better Interface

Ahoy, Mateys! Easy Ways to Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day

The People Behind the Production at Moravia: Gustavo Posati

Top 3 Reasons Your Clients Love Your (Imperfect) Translation Work

A Buyer's Guide to Transcreation

The People Behind the Production at Moravia: Jiri Ulip

Motivational Monday: The Journey? No, Arriving!

Translation Tech Roundup - September Edition

Watch Your Language: 3 Reasons Writers Dislike Controlled Language

The People Behind the Production at Moravia: Jason Mao

Motivational Monday: An Optimist's Take on Post-Labor Day Blues

Smart Translation Crowdsourcing

Two Wrongs Can Make it Right: How to Fix Corrupted TMW Files in SDL Trados

Watch Your Assets: 3 Ways to Reduce Costs and Improve Consistency in Localization

Motivational Monday: Success Is a Practice

Google+ Follows Facebook, Twitter with Instant Translation Feature

The People Behind the Production at Moravia: Marta Kapinusova

Battling Apple and Google in Living Rooms: Why the New Microsoft Voice and Tone Matters

Motivational Monday: On Lemons, Lemonade, and Stress Management

Agile Localization: The Moravia Q&A

Will Jibbigo Translator Survive Facebook's Acquisition of Mobile Technologies?

The People Behind the Production: Morgan Gallup

Motivational Monday: The Future Will Be Made By Dreamers and Liars

Motivational Monday: Take A Chance

Postcrossing: Getting Around the World, Snail Mail Style

Moravia at Microsoft’s WPC 2013: Or, How I Learned to Love My New Job

Motivational Monday: The Triple-A Success Story

Google: Real Progress On Real-Time Translation for Android OS

Watch Your Back: How Back Translation Can Protect Your Globalization ROI

Do the Right Thing: The Translator’s Moral Code

Motivational Monday: Be the Right Hero

iOS Translation Apps Show Us Just How Weird We Are

The EU Chemical Industry Now Speaks Croatian

Motivational Monday: From a Freelance Translator a Word on Balance

MexTech: Mexico's Silicon Valley Battles India, China for Outsourcing Biz

Moravia Leaders: Tomas Kratochvil

Motivational Monday: Modesty is Not the Best Policy

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Google Translate

Translation Tech Roundup - July 2013

Top 10 Tips: How Not to Go Off the Deep End When Working Remotely

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