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6 Ways to Set Up Linguistic Testing of Localized Builds [Cliff Notes]

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Linguistic Testing Options

In this recent blog series on testing I have explained the basic concepts of functional, localization and linguistic testing, all of which are meant to catch any problem that is going to impact the adoption or function of your product in market.

In this blog I will cover what you need to know about accessing your localized web or software deliverables for linguistic testing within the final (or semi-final) builds.


For Global Businesses, Content Curation is Local

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Content Curation

Presenter Renato Beninatto is Moravia's Chief Marketing Officer. In his webinar, "The Next Wave: Content Curation, Mass Personalization, and Voice," he answered questions on content creation as one of the main drivers of market intelligence.

Motivational Monday: Lessons from the Time We Lost Our Way

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Which way to take?

Just as the mind functions best after a good night's sleep, we workers need to make time for the reboot, whether that's a holiday weekend or an extended vacation. So out of town we went for what promised to be a day of nothing but self-indulgence, but we managed to get lost in the middle of an entertainment park.

What You Need to Know About Linguistic Testing [Cliff Notes]

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Linguistic Testing

We hope those of you that are new to localization, or who are non-technical localization professionals, have been enjoying the blog series on testing.


Rainbow Unicorns & the 5 Top Challenges of Global Staffing

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Local SMEs

In part two of Moravia's webinar Global Staffing: Finding and Managing In-country SMEs, we talk about the challenges of global staffing in five critical areas: finding, vetting, contracting, managing and paying SMEs.

External Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) help global businesses enter new, foreign markets by providing them with both industry- and locale-specific knowledge that can shape how these businesses enter the market, interact with their consumers, and position their brands for success.

Going International? Your Business Needs Subject Matter Experts!

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Local Expertise

Moravia's recent webinar Global Staffing: Finding and Managing In-country SMEs explained what Subject Matter Experts are, what they provide to global businesses, and, specifically, the role external SMEs play in meeting translation and localization standards for diverse industries working in foreign markets.

What You Need to Know About Localization Testing [Cliff Notes]

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Localization Testing

If you are new to localization, or if you consider yourself a non-technical localization professional, then this blog series is for you.

Any type of testing in localization is a fundamental step meant to catch problems that will impact the adoption or effectiveness of your software product or website in market.


Tech Talk: Proxy-Based Website Translation

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Pact with the DevilWhen Translating Your Website is Like Making a Deal with the Devil

Localization people are notoriously wary of any proposal that requires IT involvement.

That’s because localization is important enough to be recognized as a core requirement, but not important enough to get priority resource allocation. Between that fact and the understandably conservative nature of the average overworked and under-budgeted IT department, IT’s answer to localization requests for new tools, special configurations or access privileges is often a resounding “No.”

Is the Internet to Blame for Language Death?

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Helping Hand

In my blog about endangered world languages I wrote that there are nearly 6,800 languages on our earth (give or take 200) and that one language dies every two weeks. Experts predict that more than half of them will become extinct by 2100. There are a couple major reasons for these deaths:

Translation Tech - April 2014 Edition

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We're back with this month's sweep of provocative and noteworthy translation and technology news. Google innovates, Microsoft donates, and we even get a good chuckle in.

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